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Broken Circles Records just released a label sampler



Broken Circles, the Brooklyn-based record label, just put out a free sampler that features bands like Ghost Thrower, Dreamtigers and Junior Astronomers. And we did already say this, but you can’t talk about it enough – it’s free. You can download it here.

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An old flyer but one of our favorite flyers.
Happy St. Party’s - here’s a pic of jimmy from @foreigntongues smoking pot through his ocular cavity. Party on.
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3/4 funeral advantage, caténine and heavenly beat at great scott, allston, ma

3/14 ghost thrower, wrong body (release show), foreign tongues and ice balloons at o’brien’s pub, allston, ma



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March 14th - Allston MA
Seth Meyers loves Ghost Thrower



What it is: The Last of Us is an action adventure horror game exclusive to Playstation 3. It follows the story of 2 strangers surviving in a post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden United States. 

Why it’s Awesome: The Last of Us sold 1.3 Million copies in its first week (making it the second biggest video game launch of 2013 aside from Grand Theft Auto V) but beyond it’s accolades, the story line prevails as a fantastic take on a zombie script. Here’s a few bullet points that really grabbed me:

  • You’re as likely to be killed by another human as you are a zombie. This isn’t one of those annoying stories wherein your character strategically hunts zombies. This is a game about survival and everyone left on earth is trying to survive.
  • The earth is reclaiming buildings, highways, and bridges. 
  • Ammo is finite but thankfully, gear isn’t necessary- the entire game can be beat by stealth tactics.
  • After the intro gameplay (which is incredibly heartbreaking), you find your character in a post apocalyptic Boston (arguably the best city in the world…)
  • The voice acting is stellar at best and bearable at worst. You might even recognize some of them…

The entire piece is a wonderful mess of stress and Awesome and thankfully, there will be some new downloadable content coming out early this year. With less than 20 hours of game play on disc, I anxiously look forward to it. 

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Solo gigarino tonight..